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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

How to become a better Onscreen Actor

How to become a better Onscreen Actor

We all want to do our best and be our best onscreen.

Becoming a better on-screen actor involves a combination of training, practice, and personal development. 

Here are some tips:

1. Take Acting Classes: Formal training provides a foundation to build upon through learned techniques, constructive feedback, and experience in scene work. We also understand that not everyone has access to these types of classes so lean on some of the other tips.  

2. Learn to Take Direction: Being able to take adjustments and notes from directors or acting coaches is critical for actors to improve. Be teachable. 

3. Create Detailed Character Backgrounds: Fleshing out a character’s full backstory beyond what’s in the script provides richer subtext and informs performance choices.

4. Analyze Scripts Thoroughly: Understanding the subtext - meaning beneath the surface of the words - is vital for connecting with a character’s motivations.

5. Develop a Unique Acting Personality: Find your acting type and then lean into it. Strive to become more charismatic, develop an artistic persona, and maybe even come up with a stage name.

6. Observe Other People and Great Actors: Deconstruct your favorite actors' habits. How do they use their bodies? What facial expressions do they use effectively? Practice these gestures and expressions. This is a great alternative for those who may not have access to acting classes. 

7. Read Scripts: Read the scripts of your favorite plays and movies. Familiarize yourself with the classics, like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekov, and Tennessee Williams.

8. Develop Audition Material: Some auditions will require you to read from a pre-selected piece or a portion of the script that will be used in the show.

9. Watch as Much as Possible and Have a Life Outside of Acting: This will help you bring more life experiences to your roles.

Remember, acting is a lifelong journey of learning and discovery rather than a destination. It takes time and patience to grow and develop as an actor. Good luck!


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Friday, May 24, 2024

Tips to Help You Stay Calm

Tips to Help You Stay Calm

Staying calm while giving a speech or performing in front of cameras is very important to deliver a good message or performance.

Here are some tips to help you stay calm when you're in front of a camera or giving a speech:

1. Practice: The more you practice, the more comfortable you'll become. Try practicing in front of a mirror or record yourself and watch it back.

2. Prepare: Know your material inside and out. The better prepared you are, the less nervous you'll be.

3. Breathe: Deep, controlled breathing can help calm your nerves. Try inhaling for a count of four, holding for a count of four, and exhaling for a count of four.

4. Visualize Success: Imagine yourself delivering your lines perfectly and confidently. Visualization can help reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

5. Body Language: Stand or sit up straight, make eye contact with the camera or audience, and remember to smile. Good body language can help you appear more confident, even if you're feeling nervous.

6. Take Your Time: Don't rush through your lines. Speak slowly and clearly, and take pauses when needed.

7. Stay Hydrated: Dry mouth is a common symptom of nervousness. Drink plenty of water before you start filming to avoid this.

8. Warm Up: Just like athletes warm up before a game, warming up your voice and body before filming can help reduce tension and nervousness.

Remember, it's completely normal to feel nervous in front of a camera or audience. With time and practice, you'll start to feel more comfortable. Good luck! 

One of our goals at Zombie Media is to help people become better actors, speakers, and presenters even if you are not one of our clients. Of course, we hope you become a client but in the end, we want to be helpful to the community.


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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Overcoming Stage Fright

Overcoming Stage Fright

Stage Fright is something that almost every actor or public speaker has experienced at one time or another. 

Stage Fright is also sometimes called performance anxiety. It is the feeling of fear many feel before going on stage in front of an audience. You can also get this feeling in front of movie cameras or before a presentation.  

One of our goals at Zombie Media is to help people become better actors, speakers, and presenters even if you are not one of our clients. Of course, we hope you become a client but in the end, we want to be helpful to the community. With that said, here are some tips for overcoming stage fright.

Stage Fright is a challenge for many people. Here are some strategies that might help:

1. Understand Your Fear: Recognize that stage fright is a common phenomenon. It's a natural response to a perceived threat, in this case, the fear of making a mistake or being judged.

2. Preparation and Practice: The more familiar you are with your material and the more you practice, the more confident you'll feel.

3. Positive Visualization: Visualize yourself delivering a successful speech or performance. This can help reduce anxiety and increase confidence.

4. Deep Breathing: Deep, controlled breathing can help calm your nerves. Try inhaling for a count of four, holding for a count of four, and exhaling for a count of four.

5. Exercise and Move Your Body: Physical activity releases endorphins, which can boost your mood and confidence.

6. Watch a Funny Video: Laughter can help you relax and reduce anxiety.

7. Take Time to Relax: Techniques like meditation and deep breathing exercises can help ease tension and calm your mind.

8. Shake Out Your Jitters: Physical movement can help release built-up tension. Try shaking your arms and legs, or doing a quick physical warm-up before you go on stage. You have probably seen performers do this before. 

9. Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones: Replace self-destructive statements with positive affirmations.

10. Remember, It's Not About You: Focus on the message you're delivering and the value it provides to the audience, rather than worrying about your own performance.

Remember, overcoming stage fright takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and celebrate your progress. Over time you will become better and have less stage fright. 

We hope you find this information helpful.

Good luck!


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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Paranormal Adventures 3: The Haunted Story Inn (Coming Soon)

Paranormal Adventures 3: The Haunted Story Inn

Coming soon from Jason Kenzie and Zombie Media!

Jason Kenzie ventures into the forests of Louisville, Kentucky to find evidence of the Pope Lick Monster a half man half goat creature that lures unexpecting people to their deaths by manipulating them to climb onto the train trestle. 
Next, Jason Kenzie and the SheSquatchers travel to Nashville, Indiana to investigate sightings of a ghostly blue lady at the Haunted Story Inn. 
Directed by Jason Kenzie

Check out the Official Trailer

Jason continues to push the limits while searching for the unknown. 
Currently, you can watch the Paranormal Adventure films on many different streaming services. Here are a few:
Amazon - PA1 - Click Here PA2 - Click Here
Tubi -  PA1 - Click Here PA2 - Click Here

You can also find them playing at various times on the Beyond Paranormal Channel - Click Here.


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April Statistics & Announcements

April Statistics & Announcements

Here are some stats for the month of April. This is also a post where we make announcements. We are pushing near the middle of the year and things are going very well. 

Here is some information for the Month.

*Top Amazon Streaming RENTALS for the month:

*Top Overall Rentals of the month (includes all streaming services):

#1 Searching for Sasquatch 10: The Minnesota Roars
#2 Searching for Sasquatch 9: They Feast in the Shadows
#3 Bigfoot: The Legend is Real

Some different titles showing up for the month.

*Top Digital Purchases of the month:

(This is the purchase of a film as a digital download.)

* Top Selling DVDs:

* On Amazon our overall watch minutes were slightly down compared to the previous month with over 119 total hours watched.

* Top Books for the month:

#1 Who Said Apes Have No Tales! by Erlynn Botelho Carbajal & Dean Preston
#2 Bigfoot Witness by Thomas Marcum
#3 Black Mountain Monsters by Darla Saylor Jackson & Tony Felosi

* Top Kindle Page Reads:

#1 Sasquatch Family Ties by Leo Frank
#2 Bigfoot Witness by Thomas Marcum
#3 Quarantine.Gov by Sandra Rains DeBusk

* Top Performing Audio Books:

No sales in April

* Royalties paid to our clients!
* More updates to the ZMP Online Store - (
* Watch FREE TV on ZMPtv (Some possible changes coming to this soon)
* Watch movies first on ZMPVOD - Our video-on-demand service! New Lower Prices!

!More Good News!

* Who Said Apes Have No Tales! by Erlynn Botelho Carbajal continues to perform well!
* New Audiobook Released: 32 Audiobooks Released using the new Amazon Virtual Voice! 
* New Book Releases: None but some are on the way
* New Film Releases: Searching for Sasquatch 11: Into the Lair of the Skunk Ape
* We are Continuing Marketing Campaigns and encouraging creators to promote their work. For tips on how to market your creation, Click Here.
* Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel - Click Here! (We really need to pump the subs numbers up)
* Follow us on X (Twitter) - Click Here!
* New Books and films in the process of being released. More good things coming in 2024!
** Still looking to Sign, Publish, and distribute books and films ..even short films and music videos! Contact us!!

We also offer wholesale pricing to bookstores, gift shops, and retail outlets. There has been some nice growth for ZMP in this section of our business. Anyone wishing to add any or all of our products to your retail shop, feel free to contact us via the contact form.

With the recent changes at Tubi (read here) everyone's revenue has taken a slight hit. We plan to offset some of this with marketing. We believe that additional streaming services will rise to the occasion and contribute to compensating filmmakers for this loss of income. We also encourage all filmmakers and authors to self-promote. 

Thanks for the support and for getting 2024 off to a good start.


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