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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Self-Promoting and Marketing

Self-Promoting and Marketing

Today we want to pass along a few tips to help you promote your book, film, or anything you create. Many times creators are reluctant to "self-promote" but in today's world, it is a must. 

Here are a few things that you can and should do.

1. Create your own website dedicated to the film or your production company and include details on the films. You can use Blogger, Wix, or other FREE platforms. Many of these offer custom URLs at a fair price. 

2. Build social media followings across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other relevant social platforms. You will need a social media presence. Make sure to update and interact with people on your social media site. This is also a good way to announce new titles or to offer discounts. 

3. Use paid ads on these platforms to drive customers to view your film or book. Most social media platforms offer some way to advertise posts. Some are cheaper than others. Facebook lets you "boost" a post and you can spend as little as $1. 

4. Make it known which platforms your title is live on so people know where to find it. Some platforms provide brand assets for producers to use. If your film is on Tubi and Amazon, let people know but be sure to follow the suggested guidelines for each platform. Some platforms offer graphic assets for you to use. 

5. Build your following via forums, email discussion listservs, etc. On your website, you can let people opt into an email list. This is a great way to have customers only an email away. It is also a great way to offer special offers and discounts, or advance screenings.  

6. Drive reviews to your film on Amazon Prime Video, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and other film review sites. Don't be afraid to ask people to leave reviews of your book or films. Having reviews helps get a book or film offered in the suggestions section to potential customers. While of course, you want good reviews but any interactions should help your overall ranking and suggestibility.

7. Podcast. If you have the time and opportunity take part in podcasts to promote your work and to drive customers to your book or film. Many times podcast hosts are looking for people to be on their show.  ZMP will sometimes set up an appearance for our clients with various Podcast Shows but we always make sure the clients are up for it.  

There are just a few things that you can do to make sure your book or film reaches new customers. Of course, Zombie Media is also marketing and advertising the films and books that we distribute but sometimes authors and filmmakers can reach people that we can't. So, make sure to implement as many of these tips as you can. Here at ZMP, we do more than just distribute your book or film. 

Working together and supporting each other will only lead to continued success!


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