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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Changes From Tubi

Changes From Tubi

There have been some recent changes and focus from Tubi that we need to address and update our clients about. 

Some of these changes have affected the income of ZMP and our clients. Many have seen a significant drop in revenue. We wanted to address what actually caused this and what our course of action is to help.

Tubi, which is owned by Fox, recently hired former Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud to be the CEO of Tubi. She had previously worked at Vimeo for nine years and took over as CEO of Tubi in Sept. of 2023. 

Anytime there is an installment of a new Chief Executive Officer there are often changes that take place. Here are some of the changes for Tubi that have resulted in a drop in revenue for a lot of clients. 

* There has been a shift in their algorithm towards series. The thought is that series are more engaging for viewers. So, this means movies are appearing less often and getting fewer views.

*  Tubi is focusing on promoting original content in their algorithm. Shows and Movies that are produced through their in-house production company. They are also promoting content licensed on a fixed-fee basis rather than revenue share. The fixed-fee model makes Tubi much more selective in what titles are selected to appear on the platform. This normally results in fewer independent films being selected for the service. They are still using the revenue-sharing model.

* In 2024, Tubi will be more selective on titles that fall into the revenue-sharing model. This means it will be a little harder to get films on the platform. 

* Tubi also has insisted that Producers/Directors DO NOT contact them directly and follow Marketing guidelines. They also stated they would remove licenses and ban producers that have not followed these guidelines. (You are not allowed to use Tubi logos in any paid marketing/ads. If these guidelines are not followed, Tubi may remove your title. There are other rules as well.)

These are the basic changes that are currently affecting revenue. Tubi has long been one of the best, if not the best, paying platforms for films. While these changes have resulted in an overall drop, they are still a good-paying platform. 

So what do we do now?

First, we will continue to diversify our revenue streams for our clients. We will continue to get films and series onto numerous streaming platforms. It is never a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket, and getting titles onto other services is a must. We already do this and will continue.

We will also continue to promote titles that are on Tubi, following guidelines of course, in an effort to gain views and viewers. After all, Tubi is still a solid performing and paying platform. 

We will increase the promotion of titles that are on other platforms. The Roku Channel is one of the top-paying platforms for our clients. We will be stepping up our promotion of their platform.

We will also be growing our lineup on our VOD in-house service, ZMPVOD

Other services are continuing to grow. One platform that we have seen an increase in revenue from is Xumo. There was a significant jump for Xumo after partnering with Spectrum to offer the Xumo Stream Box. The Xumo Stream Box is available to anyone and it works very similarly to a Roku or Firestick device. They also have the Xumo app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

So, while we may have seen a decline the overall outlook is good. The future of streaming is going to be free ad-based platforms, in our opinion, and we are in a good position to grow. 

We hope this helps you understand what is going on within the marketplace. We just have to keep pushing forward, and work hard to make 2024 the best year ever!

Thomas Marcum

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