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Native Bigfoot

From Couchiching to Yakima, Cherokee to Apache, each First Nations tribe offers a unique glimpse into their traditions on the subject of Bigfoot. Read More

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Bigfoot The Legend is Real

The Crypto Crew team uncover and document evidence of the elusive legend known as Bigfoot. Read More

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Manzo Shepherd Story

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Steeds Ridge

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Searching for Sasquatch Series

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The Tree Widow

Sarah, an older God fearing widow, opens her home to women only to discover their brokenness. Read More

Saturday, February 26, 2022

HURT: Mental Illness by Sandra Rains DeBusk

HURT: Mental Illness by Sandra Rains DeBusk

Now available on Amazon, HURT: MENTAL ILLNESS by author Sandra Rains DeBusk. Sandra tackles a very serious issue that has touched almost everyone's life in one way or another.

Here is the synopsis of the book:

A mother's love is endless and then when you think she's all used up, she gives some more.
A mother will do anything to save her child, anything to make the pain go away.
But what happens when nothing she does can give her child comfort?
For a mother to see self inflicted wounds on her child, is beyond torture, beyond pain.
A mother's pain is nothing compared to the pain her child is feeling and the pain her child continues to feel.

Available in Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover editions!





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Friday, February 25, 2022

Spooked by Jeffrey Lilly Jr.


Spooked by Jeffrey Lilly,Jr.

Spooked is a fictional story written by Jeffrey Lilly, Jr. The story follows a small group of bigfoot researchers as they attempt to collect evidence of the elusive creature.

Here is more about the book:

A group of Sasquatch Researchers head out on a huge expedition.They take along state of the art equipment with the intentions to prove Bigfoot's existence.
The first stop is a placed known as Toms Mountain.Here the team encounters a family of Sasquatch that want them out of the area.
The research team manages to collect some evidence but ultimately decide to
continue their expedition and venture to other locations.
During the expedition they have several more encounters and face many dangerous
in their quest to gather undeniable evidence of Sasquatch.

If you like stories about Bigfoot, then check out this book! 

Available on Amazon in Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover editions


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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Deliberate by Sandra Rains DeBusk!


Deliberate by Sandra Rains DeBusk!

Now available from Zombie Media, Deliberate by Sandra Rains DeBusk. Sandra's stories keep the reader engaged and strikes a core with current events! 

As normal as things always seemed, there were always things going on behind the scenes that no one knew about. Countries were at odds.
People were always fighting over territory, oil, money, food.
Finally, one country had enough of the bullshit and created a killer cold. You wake up early after returning home from your out of country work meeting and you’re ready to start your first day back in your own city, but you’re feeling kind of out of sorts. You shower, blow your nose, cough, and spit out that nasty mucus and then, you head to work.
This is the day that you killed millions.
Sandra is a fantastic storyteller that can weave incredible and engaging storylines.
The book is available on Amazon in ebook, paperback and hardcover editions. Get your copy today by Clicking Here!

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Congratulations to Leo Frank!

Congratulations to Leo Frank!

A big congratulations to Leo Frank for having the best selling book for Zombie Media in the year 2021!

Frank's book, Sasquatch Family Ties sold more ebook, paperback and hardcover books than any other book published by ZMP.

Sasquatch Family Ties was well received and accumulated numerous five star reviews on Amazon.

Leo's book also made it to the number one spot in a couple different categories and continues to perform well. In fact, Sasquatch Family Ties is still ranking in the top 75 in the "Biological Science of Apes & Monkeys" & "Biology of Apes & Monkeys" categories!

Leo Frank will receive a beautiful certificate, via mail, to commemorate the success of his book. The certificate is great reminder of an awesome accomplishment!

Congrats Leo!



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Friday, February 11, 2022

Quarantine.Gov by Sandra Rains DeBusk

 Quarantine.Gov by Sandra Rains DeBusk

Now available on Amazon, Quarantine.Gov by Sandra Rains DeBusk. The books is available in ebook, paperback and hardcover editions.

You know how at certain times you could look up to the sky and see a jet, or a plane flying and behind that jet or plane was a trail of white smoky looking stuff and how the thought that it was just from the engine and heat hitting cold? At certain times, a person could even make figures out of the trail of white coming off the jets, angels, and images of Jesus even. Who would have known then what we would find out later in life after we grew from children to working adults, raising kids, and flying those same jets ourselves? Who? Guess if you will. For years people would notice little ash on their sidewalks and just assume someone was burning wood and it was just the ash from the chimneys all around the neighborhood. But as the years went on the ash got thicker and deeper and it became a real nuisance. It became dirty work to clean up after, and the truth is that it became deadly.

Make sure to get this book today!



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Friday, February 4, 2022

January Statistics & Announcements

January Statistics & Announcements

Its the first stats of 2022, and it seems the new year is off to a solid start. This is also a post where we announce some new things and there has been a lot of them. We expect to see a lot of growth in 2022.

Here is some information for the month of January

* Top Amazon Streaming rental for the month: Bigfoot: The Legend is Real with over 100 watch hours!!! wow!!!! (
*Top Overall Rental of the month - was once again Bigfoot: The Legend is Real! The film continues to perform well, thank you. The film has also found its way to numerous streaming services.
* On Amazon our overall watch minutes were about the same when compared to previous month. The numbers on Amazon are down due to Prime becoming a curated service and due to films appearing on numerous other streaming services.

* Top Selling DVDs:
* Top Books for the month: 
#2 Sasquatch Family Ties by Leo Frank 

* Royalties Paid out to our clients! The pay window is shorter now, so payments are made sooner.
* We have films in 96 countries!!!!! An increase by 2
* New streaming services who picked up some of our films: Typhoon
* More updates to the ZMP Online Store - (
* Sign up to our streaming service for $3.99 a month (
* New Books Released - There were 4 new books released by ZMP in the month of Dec.
#3 Left 

* New Films Released
* Several films were recently placed on Amazon
* New Market Added - Many of our published books have been added to Barnes and Noble!
* Audio Books Releasing soon - 
- Spirits Says 2036 Shutdown
- My Haunted House and other Weird Tales
* New Books & Films in the process of being released. More good things coming!
** Still looking to Sign, Publish and distribute your books and films ..even short films and music videos! Contact us!!
We also offer wholesale pricing to book stores, gift shops and retail outlets. There has been some nice growth for ZMP in this section of our business. Anyone wishing to add any or all of our products to your retail shop, feel free to contact us via the contact form.
As 2022 starts we are looking and expecting big things in the new year.
There are a lot of cool things in the pipe that we just can't talk about stay tuned!

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