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Friday, June 26, 2020

BlackStarTV has Launched!

BlackStarTV has Launched!

Zombie Media Publishing is please to announce that BlackStarTV is now live! BlackStarTV is a new and very affordable streaming service. If you don't want to commit to a monthly charge you can just rent the titles you want to watch. The service offers different rental prices and even a special 99 cent rental category. But the best way to get the most out of the service is with the small monthly subscription of $3.99

At this time the amount of titles and films are low, but that is changing fast as many new and classic titles are waiting to be uploaded to the service! There will be many extras for some films, that you can not get anywhere else.

We experienced a slight set back when we first started working on this streaming service and had to totally start over with another platform provider. This slight set back is why we felt the need to go ahead and launch the service. We have a fair amount of money invested in the project and once we had to reboot we felt the pinch, so to speak. Launching the service now, even with a sparse selection, should generate some revenue to help offset our hiccup at the first. Also, the hiccup was no fault of Zombie Media or BlackstarTV, it was a coding issues with the original platform. An issue that we waited to be fixed for over a month and once the support stopped replying to our questions, we had to cut our loses and move on. 

What is exciting about BlackStarTV is that it also gives us, Zombie Media, our own streaming service that will help us promote our current clients and it should help us land more clients. All the while providing customers an affordable service with a wide variety of  films and extras.

Check out BlackStarTV by CLICKING HERE! And come and grow with us!

!!Film Makers - We would love to feature your film on BlackStarTV, Please contact us!!

Thank You

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