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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Bigfoot Trilogy Lands on Tubi TV!


Bigfoot Trilogy Lands on Tubi TV!

Now on Tubi TV the Bigfoot Trilogy from Bilco Productions and Zombie Media. What a fantastic set of films that cover a wide scope of the Bigfoot phenomenon. Bill and Amy Lancaster really did the leg work to make these films truly stand out among the crowd. The films feature some of the biggest names in the Bigfoot field and the information presented in a respectable manner.  These are top quality, top shelve documentaries that you will love.  


Cultured Bigfoot  - A look at a subculture within a subculture with those who search for the elusive Bigfoot with more than just a belief in its existence.

Featuring -  Cliff Barackman, Lyle Blackburn, Loren Coleman, Jeffrey Meldrum, James Fay, Rictor Riolo, Michael Cook, Ed Brown, and many others.

Watch for FREE on Tubi - Click Here!




Native Bigfoot - Native Bigfoot is a thoughtful examination of the First Nations and Native American perspectives on the subject of Bigfoot. From Couchiching to Yakima, Cherokee to Apache, each offers a unique glimpse into their traditions regarding the subject. Interweaving story and insight, Native Bigfoot is sure to intrigue and inspire.

Featuring - Paul Buckner, Baldemar Galvan Jr., Charles Gourd, Atwice Kamiakun, Choogie Kingfisher, Mel Skaha, and others.

Watch for FREE on Tubi -  Click Here!



Paranormal Bigfoot - An investigation into a segment of the Sasquatch community that believes there is more to this enigmatic creature than a simple animal.

Featuring -  Russell Acord, Stan Gordon, Bob Gimlin, Ron Morehead, David Bakara, Tony Merkel, Christopher Noël, and others.

Watch for FREE on Tubi -  Click Here!




Make sure to watch these awesome films today!

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