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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Haunted Harlan County Volume 1


Haunted Harlan County Volume 1

Now Available from Zombie Media - Haunted Harlan County Volume 1 by Darla Saylor Jackson and Tony Felosi.

Jackson and Felosi have assemble an outstanding collection of stories that are sure to fascinate readers.The deep dark hollows of southeastern Kentucky has many tales to tell and this collection digs deep into the history of odd occurrences from the area.

Haunted Harlan County: Volume 1

This comprehensive book highlights monsters, UFOs, cryptids, ghosts, and many other true tales as told by Harlan Countians. Take a journey into the mystery of the mountains. Tony Felosi and Darla Saylor Jackson are a dynamic writing team that has compiled the most extensive and thorough collection of books featuring gripping and terrifying tales that are sure to delight and entertain. The authors are seasoned paranormal investigators and researchers, having worked with national television and documentaries, contributing their knowledge of the history and mystery of Harlan County, Kentucky.

Available in Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover Editions. The hardcover edition features full color photographs and additional cover graphics. 


Proudly published by Zombie Media!


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