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Searching for Sasquatch Chapter 2

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Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Road to Leadville On Audiobook!

The Road to Leadville On Audiobook!
Now available on Audible Audiobook, The Road to Leadville by Jason Morse, narrated by Duke Butler!
An epic western tale that is really brought to life by the dramatic voice of Duke Butler. This story by Jason Morse, has been met with numerous 5 star reviews. It is a can't miss with western fans.
Here is the storyline:
The Mulligans are the meanest family in town. They are known to treat every living thing in town poorly. A rough bunch if ever you saw one, and a family to avoid. But when the Mulligans cross the line, it's up to Deputy Robert Compton and Alec Johnston to bring them to justice. But the stakes are high and the risks are greater when a young boy named Toby is kidnapped by the Mulligans. 

Robert and Alec are on the trail, but can they catch the Mulligans before they make it to their hideout in Leadville? Is it already too late to save little Toby? 

Now you can enjoy this story in audio book form!



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