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Saturday, October 2, 2021

September Statistics

September Statistics
Here is a look back at the month of September. It was an overall good month but things should start picking up as we race into fall and towards winter.We have several big releases on the way that is sure to grab some attention.

There is a lot of information below. But please realize that our Amazon numbers are really down due to the fact Amazon prime became a curated service...meaning any of our films must be selected by Amazon to appear on Prime to watch at no additional cost. So due to this most films are only available for rental.Another issue is that Amazon currently will not accept any Documentary or short films. As you know we distribute numerous documentaries and this has hurt all of us. A film needs to be at least 45 minutes in running time to be considered by Amazon, at this time. But we have many other places to place films.

 Here is some information for the month.

* Top Amazon Streaming rental for the month of Sept. was Bigfoot: The Legend is Real with over 190 watch hours!!! wow!!!! (
*Top Overall Rental of the month - was once again Bigfoot: The Legend is Real! The film continues to perform well, thank you. ( The film has also found its way to numerous streaming services.
* On Amazon our overall watch minutes were about the same when compared to previous month. The numbers on Amazon are down due to Prime becoming a curated service and due to films appearing on numerous other streaming services and this time of year we normally see a dip.
* Top Selling DVD was Bigfoot The Legend is Real
* Top Books for the month was #1 Sasquatch Family Ties by Leo Frank,  #2 The Ivory-billed Woodpecker:Taunting Extinction by Guy G. Luneau #3 Bigfoot and Steller Jay's River Day by Jeffrey Lilly.
* Royalties Paid out to our clients!
* We have films in 83 countries!!!!! No increase
* New streaming services who picked up some of our films:  Typhoon - a new and growing channel.
* More updates to the ZMP Online Store - (
* Sign up to our streaming service for $3.99 a month (
* New Book Released - Dancing with the Devil by Jeffery David Lilly Jr
* New Books & Films in the process of being released. More good things coming!
** Still looking to sign new music artist, Publish and distribute your books and films ..even short films and music videos! Contact us!!

Many more great things to come!!

Thanks for the support! Make sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter!

Now, go watch a movie or read a Book!


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