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Sunday, October 3, 2021

New Book Release - Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown by Sandra Rains DeBusk


New Book Release - Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown by Sandra Rains DeBusk

Now Available from Zombie Media Publishing.

An apocalyptic tale from author Sandra Rains DeBusk. Spirit say 2036 Shutdown is masterful storytelling, engrossing and an epic survival scenario.

Storyline - The world has come to a halt. We knew it would or at least, a collective few people did, a collective few expected it sooner, and a collective few expected it later, but we expected it all the same.
First, the virus or for a better word, pandemic, man made by China’s finest, and then millions of deaths but finally, someone over there in those distant lands, shut us down as if unmercifully stopping a failing heartbeat.

NOTHING WORKS ANYMORE!.....What Will We Do?...... How will it be?

Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown (Shutdown Series Book 1) is available in Ebook and Paperback.  

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