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Buried Treasures

Two men with a metal detector searching for a treasure...found one. Read More

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Bigfoot The Legend is Real

The Crypto Crew team uncover and document evidence of the elusive legend known as Bigfoot. Read More

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The Road To Leadville

Robert and Alec are on the trail, but can they catch the Mulligans before they make it to their hideout? Read More

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Searching for Sasquatch Series

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The Tree Widow

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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Dark Home - Book Release!


Dark Home - Book Release!

From Zombie Media and author Sandra Rains DeBusk comes the book release of "Dark Home". This book was created in tandem with the popular video game of the same title. The game can currently be found on Steam. Here are more details about the book.

Dark Home storyline: 

The 18th Century was saddened by war. But the war was imminent and won by those brave enough to fight. Many died and were buried close to where they were killed. In a town that time forgot, in Georgia, USA.
The newly wed Rothsman couple bought the land the soldiers were buried on and had their mansion built atop the graveyard, this they soon found out was a mistake. The evil spirits that lingered there made their way into the mansion.

Once again Sandra Rains DeBusk knocks it out of the park with a fantastic story. 

Dark Home is available in an Ebook and as a paperback.

Check out this title and others from Zombie Media and Sandra Rains DeBusk


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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Interview With Sandra Rains DeBusk

Interview With Sandra Rains DeBusk

How about a little Q & A with author Sandra Rains DeBusk! We reach out to Sandra and she graciously agreed to do a short interview with us. We know she is always busy writing and working on projects, so we appreciate her taking some time out of her day.

Here is the interview

ZMP: When did you first start writing?

SRD: I began writing when I was 10 yrs. old. Poetry was my 1st love in the writing world.

ZMP: Does writing energize or exhaust you?

SRD: It energizes me so much so, that I have a hard time letting it go for a while to do other important tasks, and or have fun in other ways.

ZMP: What other authors to you like and read?

SRD: I love Stephen King. His are the only books I've really read from start to finish but, I believe short films are written by authors too so in saying that I have to admit that I do watch a lot of short films on YouTube. Mostly Post-Apocalyptic & Zombie films.

ZMP: Have you ever had writer's block? if so, what helps you get past it?

SRD: Yes, I have, and I just let it go and do things that may inspire my train of thought such as watching short films, reading Stephen King novels. I normally get my head cleared with those things.

ZMP: How many hours a day do you write?

SRD: It depends. Sometimes I'll start early morning with my first cup of coffee and roll through the entire day with it or there's times I'll sit down here several different times a day to add to it. I go with the flow of the mood. I don't push myself. That would kill the joy of it.

ZMP: How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

SRD: Lol, this is an embarrassing question. I was looking through my files the other day just to do it and found six half- written manuscripts that I'd forgotten about. These were manuscripts anywhere from 20 to 50 pages so far written. I silently made a promise to myself to finish them after I'm finished with 2036 book 2.

ZMP: Tell us a little bit about your new book, 2036 Shutdown?

SRD: I heard the words "2036 shutdown" in a dream one night prior to writing it. It is an apocalyptic story that could possibly come true one day. Oscar and his horse Hermit are probably my favorite characters in this story. When all this happens during this time, not everyone will be ruthless and selfish. Few want to be alone. People need other people of like minds and hearts. But you will have those selective few that are very evil to the core. That is what this story is about. Give and take during a most vicious time.

ZMP: How do you select the names of your characters?

SRD: I think of my characters and what part they'll take in the story prior to writing it, and I study their personalities and name them appropriately. The truth is that in most of my written works, I have added my children as characters, and kept their real names.

ZMP: What projects are you currently working on?

SRD: I have aimed my entire focus on my 2036 shutdown book series. 

Thanks for the interview and we wish you much success.

Here are a couple of books or Sandra's - Check them out.


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Monday, October 18, 2021

Book Release - Cryptid Creatures The Truth Exposed


Book Release - Cryptid Creatures The Truth Exposed

This post will contain several updates about some of the books published by ZMP.

First we want to inform everyone of  a book by Sandra Rains Debusk entitled
Cryptid Creatures The Truth Exposed! - We go through life, beginning at a young age, being scared by supposed mythical creatures so we'll go to sleep, be good and mind our parents. In the midst of the fear, our parents reassure us that these creatures are not real. And then, we find that every creature that they ever used against us is as real as you and me.

When we first moved here and I saw my first Sasquatch, I was terrified! How could these childhood monsters be real? My mind was frantic to find the answer and to understand why my parents and grandparents lied to me.

Fast-forwarding to present day; These creatures...these beings... have brought me gifts and left them at my doorstep. They have played harmless games with me by hiding my trail cams or simply letting me get a glimpse of them... their faces... before turning the cameras face down. They have allowed me multiple good pictures of them and have allowed me to record them howling and having a blast on full moon nights.

I have grown to love them. The Sasquatch, the Dogman, and the Wildman.If you believe and if your third eye can see, these images and these stories will not scare you. But if your third eye is not yet open, maybe you'll get this book for yourself, to exercise your right to see?
- End Synopsis -  

Cryptid Creatures The Truth Exposed is available in ebook and Paperback from, just click here!
If that was not enough to get you a little excited, here is a little extra information.
Several titles published by Zombie Media Publishing have just received a price reduction! Thats right! Now you can enjoy many of our awesome books at a lower price! And its just in time for some holiday gift it Halloween or Christmas.
Here is a few of the titles that saw a price drop:

The Adventures of Pete Johnson and the Ghosts of Scott's Mountain by Jay Rice 

Understanding Bigfoot: Helpful Information and Answers to Common Questions by Thomas Marcum

The Adventures of Pete Johnson and the Ghosts of Scott's Mountain by Jay Rice

More Book and Movie releases coming soon!



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Thursday, October 7, 2021

New Book Release: Halloween Horror by Jeffrey Lilly


New Book Release: Halloween Horror by Jeffrey Lilly

Now available from Zombie Media Publishing, Bigfoot and Steller Jay's Halloween Horror by Jeffrey Lilly. The adventure continues for Bigfoot and Steller Jay. This short, fun story is great for kids and as a bedtime story. Loaded with illustrations.

Bigfoot and Steller Jay plan a trip to the city for a night of trick-or-treating. The thought of getting all the yummy candy makes them very happy. But Bigfoot is a little scared because of all the humans in town.
But they would have to wait until it was dark before they could go, so they must find something to do until then.

Pick up Halloween Horror on Ebook or Paperback by Clicking Here!

If you missed the first book in the series, Bigfoot and Steller Jay's River day, you can pick it up on Amazon by Clicking Here 




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Sunday, October 3, 2021

New Book Release - Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown by Sandra Rains DeBusk


New Book Release - Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown by Sandra Rains DeBusk

Now Available from Zombie Media Publishing.

An apocalyptic tale from author Sandra Rains DeBusk. Spirit say 2036 Shutdown is masterful storytelling, engrossing and an epic survival scenario.

Storyline - The world has come to a halt. We knew it would or at least, a collective few people did, a collective few expected it sooner, and a collective few expected it later, but we expected it all the same.
First, the virus or for a better word, pandemic, man made by China’s finest, and then millions of deaths but finally, someone over there in those distant lands, shut us down as if unmercifully stopping a failing heartbeat.

NOTHING WORKS ANYMORE!.....What Will We Do?...... How will it be?

Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown (Shutdown Series Book 1) is available in Ebook and Paperback.  

Click this link --->






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Saturday, October 2, 2021

September Statistics

September Statistics
Here is a look back at the month of September. It was an overall good month but things should start picking up as we race into fall and towards winter.We have several big releases on the way that is sure to grab some attention.

There is a lot of information below. But please realize that our Amazon numbers are really down due to the fact Amazon prime became a curated service...meaning any of our films must be selected by Amazon to appear on Prime to watch at no additional cost. So due to this most films are only available for rental.Another issue is that Amazon currently will not accept any Documentary or short films. As you know we distribute numerous documentaries and this has hurt all of us. A film needs to be at least 45 minutes in running time to be considered by Amazon, at this time. But we have many other places to place films.

 Here is some information for the month.

* Top Amazon Streaming rental for the month of Sept. was Bigfoot: The Legend is Real with over 190 watch hours!!! wow!!!! (
*Top Overall Rental of the month - was once again Bigfoot: The Legend is Real! The film continues to perform well, thank you. ( The film has also found its way to numerous streaming services.
* On Amazon our overall watch minutes were about the same when compared to previous month. The numbers on Amazon are down due to Prime becoming a curated service and due to films appearing on numerous other streaming services and this time of year we normally see a dip.
* Top Selling DVD was Bigfoot The Legend is Real
* Top Books for the month was #1 Sasquatch Family Ties by Leo Frank,  #2 The Ivory-billed Woodpecker:Taunting Extinction by Guy G. Luneau #3 Bigfoot and Steller Jay's River Day by Jeffrey Lilly.
* Royalties Paid out to our clients!
* We have films in 83 countries!!!!! No increase
* New streaming services who picked up some of our films:  Typhoon - a new and growing channel.
* More updates to the ZMP Online Store - (
* Sign up to our streaming service for $3.99 a month (
* New Book Released - Dancing with the Devil by Jeffery David Lilly Jr
* New Books & Films in the process of being released. More good things coming!
** Still looking to sign new music artist, Publish and distribute your books and films ..even short films and music videos! Contact us!!

Many more great things to come!!

Thanks for the support! Make sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter!

Now, go watch a movie or read a Book!


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