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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Two New Book Releases From Author Jeffrey D. Lilly, Jr

Two New Book Releases From Author Jeffrey D. Lilly, Jr

ZMP recently released two new book from author Jeffrey David Lilly, Jr. The first book released was Bigfoot and Steller Jay's River Day. It is a children's book about the adventure of a young Bigfoot and a blue jay. When Bigfoot and Steller Jay team up with some friends their trip to the river turns into and adventure. Along the way they face dangers and learn the importance of friendship and trust.

The second book is titled Blessed and Cursed: True Encounter Stories. This book is based around bigfoot encounters that Mr. Lilly has had during his life. In the book, he shares his life experiences, Bigfoot sightings, and tragedies that changed and shaped his life into what it is today.

Life is not always easy and when the unreal becomes a reality it can change a person in many ways. In ways they never thought possible.The struggle to understand and deal with these events can be a difficult journey. The is more than a book about bigfoot. It is a book about life and the many ups and downs we all face.

ZMP had a chance to ask Mr. Lilly a few short questions and find out a little bit more about him.

ZMP: What got you interested in writing books?
JDL: Losing my brother to addiction.

ZMP: Losing someone to addiction can for sure be a tough issues to deal with. We at ZMP are glad you found a way to deal with it in a positive way.

ZMP: Do you have a favorite author or book?
JDL: Stephen king is my favorite Author.
ZMP: Oh yes, Stephen King has many fantastic books.

ZMP: What inspires you to write?
JDL:   I love writing books for kids and adults. I want to write books that that keeps them reading and helps them in some way.
We thank Mr. Lilly for taking a little time and answering a few questions for us. We know he is working on more books and stays really busy writing and researching. Keep an eye out for some future releases by Mr. Lilly.
If you are interested in Mr. Lilly's books you can find them on Amazon.They are available in Ebook and Paperback form.


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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Book Release - The Ivory-billed Woodpecker:Taunting Extinction: Survival in the Modern Era

The Ivory-billed Woodpecker:Taunting Extinction: Survival in the Modern Era


Guy G Luneau

Now available from Zombie Media Publishing - The Ivory-billed Woodpecker: Taunting Extinction: Survival in the Modern Era by Guy G. Luneau.

This book contains the definitive evidence that the Ivory-billed Woodpecker is surviving in our modern era, two-plus decades into the 21st century.

The Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Campephilus principalis, survives on the North American continent in our modern era, two-plus decades into the 21st century. Its survival is a natural history miracle.

The ivorybill was considered by many to have gone extinct on the North American continent as far back as the early 1900’s. Yet it was “rediscovered”. After a short while, many lost hope and again labeled it extinct. It was rediscovered again. Sightings of the species continued on through the decades. And encounters continue up into the present day, two-plus decades into the 21st century.

How can this be? How can a large bird species, as large as a Wood Duck, continue surviving on the North American continent while living its life “under the radar” of the 330 million people residing in the USA in the 2020 A.D. time frame? This book, The Ivory-billed Woodpecker: Taunting Extinction, offers explanations of the various pathways by which this can occur -- and indeed it has occurred.

The modern-day Ivory-billed Woodpecker population is no doubt low in number. But forest square mileage is much larger today, and the average age of the trees in those forests is much older today, in the eastern USA than it was in the mid 1900’s when numerous species of forest animals’ populations dipped to substantially reduced numbers, including such now-abundant animals as Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, Wood Duck, and Black Bear to name a few. Combining the ivorybill’s low, but likely increasing, population with it being a quiet, skittish-of-man, retiring, long-distance-traveling, masterfully-wily, master-of-its-environment bird species, along with a modern-day humanity who largely does not spend much time in deep forest and swamp habitats, we then have the factors of the recipe – the equation – that permits the ivorybill to elude detection by humans.

Available now! and features numerous color photos, scientific analysis and much more!

Paperback -

Hardcover -

Ebook -


Proudly Published by Zombie Media Publishing!




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July Statistics

July Statistics
Here is a look back at the month of July. Even thought it was an overall good month for Zombie Media Publishing, the month was down. This is normal for this time of year as people are either on vacation or preparing to go back to school.

There is a bunch of information below. But please realize that our Amazon numbers are really down due to the fact Amazon prime became a curated service...meaning any of our film must be selected by Amazon to appear on Prime to watch at no additional cost. So due to this most films are only available for rental.

 Here is some information for the month.

* Top Amazon Streaming film for the month of July was Bigfoot: The Legend is Real with over 250 watch hours!!! wow!!!! (
*Top Rental of the month - was once again Bigfoot: The Legend is Real! The film continues to perform well, thank you. ( The film has also found its way to several other streaming services like Overdrive , The Roku Channel and several others! That is pretty AMAZING! Thank you all!
* On Amazon our overall watch minutes are way down when compared to previous months. The numbers on Amazon are down due to Prime becoming a curated service and due to films appearing on numerous other streaming services and this time of year we normally see a dip.
* Top Selling DVD was Bigfoot The Legend is Real
* Top Book for the month was Sasquatch Family Ties by Leo A Frank (
* Top Song of the Month was Working American by Walter Shrum. Song is available on many services.
* Royalties Paid out to our clients!
* We have films in 83 countries!!!!! No increase
* New streaming services who picked up some of our films:  Overdrive , The Roku Channel - Two solid platforms!
* More updates to the ZMP Online Store - (
* Sign up to our streaming service for $3.99 a month (
* New Kids Book Released - Bigfoot and Steller Jay's River Day by  Jeffery David Lilly Jr
* New Books & Films in the process of being released. Several new deals signed.
** Still looking to sign new music artist, Publish and distribute your books and films ..even short films and music videos! Contact us!!

Many more great things to come!!

Thanks for the support! Make sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter!

Now, go watch a movie or read a Book!




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