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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Running Away From The Unknown

Running Away From The Unknown
Zombie Media is very pleased to have signed an agreement with CJ Productions for their film Running Away From the Unknown. We are very happy to add this film to our growing line up of films. 

The film is currently available on DVD and for Streaming on Amazon.
For Streaming - Click Here
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More services coming soon! 
The film basically tells the life story of  Dominick Calvitto (The Toxic Avenger) and his struggles after the death of his parents. The film has a host of notable names such as; Amber Dawn Fox (The Walking Dead, Beast of the field), Santiago Cirilo (The Walking Dead, Rosa Leigh), Jeremy Ambler (The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Dispatched), Kadrolsha Ona Carole (Toxic Tutu,Silent Times) and many others.
Running Away From The Unknown was also directed by Dominick Calvitto and he will be the first to tell you shooting the graveyard scene, dealing with the death of his parents, was very hard on him. 

Here is the synopsis of the film:
Dominick was a bright young man who had just landed the role of skippy in the Toxic Avenger Movie. He was on top of the world and had his whole life in front of him,with nothing but good things in store. But that all changed after the death of his parents. Driven to depression and alcoholism Dominick gets to a point where he has to fight the demons that destroyed his life and future.

This film not only has some notable talent, it also introduces Eugene Johnson as "The Unknown Demons". Johnson also wrote on the film with Calvitto and does a great job playing the antagonist. 

Once again we are pleased to have this film, cast and crew in our stables and look forward to what comes next for them all.

While 2020 has been a rough year for everyone, I feel we are closing it out with a Bang!
Thanks for the support!


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