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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Look at Benham Theater Specters of the Stage

Here at Zombie Media we not only want to publish films, books and other items, we also want to market and promote them. Some films, such as Benham Theater:Specters of the Stage, are in house projects that we may have even more insight on. Anything we publish, we also want to promote. We want all involved to succeed and have success and reach the largest audience possible.

Today we want to take a special look at one of our films that we feel is often over looked. Benham Theater: Specters of the stage is not only a paranormal film with some amazing evidence, it is also stuffed full of history that shouldn't be missed.

During the process of creating this film, we had the chance to interview the mayor of the town of Benham, who as a young girl attended many shows at the Benham Theater. The building at one point in its history was closed down and became somewhat dilapidated. But efforts where taken to fully restore the wonderful facility. The mayor, Wanda Humphrey, talks about that process as well as ticket prices back when she was young and about the numerous famous people who appeared at the theater.

We also sit down with  Earl Gothard, who worked at the theater back in it's heydays. He talks about Roy Rogers appearing there and the selling of "cap busters".

During the process of putting the film together, creating artwork and editing. Many things changed and evolved over time.  Here is a look at some early artwork.

And here is yet another rare look at the German version of the final box art artwork.

The paranormal investigation part of the film has some amazing evidence. Thing you will rarely ever see captured on film.

In promoting the film, we also featured a "Watch the first 5 minutes" of the film. Here is that.

Synopsis: The Crypto Files team travels to Benham Kentucky to investigate the beautiful and historic Benham Theater. The theater was a favorite spot for the community for many years. It later sat idle for numerous year until it's renovation. It appears the renovation of the theater has awakened the spirits of the past. As the investigation unfolds the team is amazed and in awe at the evidence they capture.

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and you can purchase the DVD in our store - Click Here
We truly hope people enjoy the film and we are thankful for the support it has received. There is hopes of returning to the location for a follow up film.


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