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Sunday, May 14, 2023

A Look at Film Stats and Reporting Data

A Look at Film Stats and Reporting Data

Here at Zombie Media, we know that film statistics, report data, and fluctuation in royalty can often be confusing to filmmakers. We wanted to attempt to explain why this happens and why it is normal.

We understand that it may be frustrating for our filmmaking clients to not seem to get consistent dollar amounts but hopefully, we can help clear some of it up.

We do our best to distribute your films to as many streaming services as possible from the biggest to the smallest, we want your film to be seen and watched all around the world. 

The fluctuation comes into play because of the reporting schedule of each individual streaming service. The majority of services have a 3-month delay when you first get a film on the service. For example, if your film appears on one of these streaming services in January, we will not see any performance data or funds until April. With these services, the monthly data is always from three months prior. Some services even have an additional 30 days to report, in case they run into some kind of technical issues. 

Please keep this in mind if you promote your film, which we strongly encourage you to do, your results might not become apparent for three months. When you promote your film, you may not see the actual bump in views until the data comes out 3 months later. But don't let that discourage you at all promote all you can, everywhere you can.

Other streaming services may provide their data on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. 

Then there are often delays or technical issues that delay stats. Heavy workloads and seasonal things like tax filings can delay stats sometimes. Most of these things are cleared up within a 30-day period.

We always try to pay out all royalties by the 15th of each month. Sometimes data will update after we have made payments. In these cases, the funds are just carried over to the next month.

We hope this helps you understand the short delays and the bouncing around of royalties that sometimes happen. It is often due to the various delivery schedule of data per streaming service. 

We encourage you to continue to promote your films and all the services on which they appear. We also promote and run ads but often times filmmakers and stars of movies can reach people that we can't. Don't put in all the hard work of making a film and not follow up with heavy promoting. 

If any of our clients want or need a list of all the streaming services your film is on, please feel free to contact us and we will get you one ASAP. 



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