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Saturday, February 4, 2023

January Statistics & Announcements


January Statistics & Announcements

Here are some stats for the month of January. This is also a post where we make announcements. This is the first report for 2023. The new year is off to a good start.

Here is some information for the month of January.

*Top Overall Rentals of the month (includes all streaming services) -
#1 Native Bigfoot
#2 Paranormal Bigfoot
#3 Searching For Sasquatch 5: The Texas Screams

The films are performing well, thank you all. 

*Top Digital Purchases of the month -
#1 Bigfoot Witness: The Jason Morse Story
#2 Bigfoot: The Legend is Real
#3 Bigfoot: Still Tracking a Legend

This is the purchase of a film as a digital download.

* Top Selling DVDs:
#1 Bigfoot: The Legend is Real

* On Amazon our overall watch minutes were about the same when compared to the previous month.

* Top Books for the month:
#1 Sasquatch Family Ties by Leo Frank
#2 Bigfoot Witness by Thomas Marcum
#3 Ghost of Portal 31 by Darla Saylor Jackson & Tony Felosi

* Top Kindle Page Reads
#1 The Ivory-billed Woodpecker: Taunting Extinction by Guy Luneau
#2 Sasquatch Family Ties by Leo Frank
#3 Loving Bigfoot: A Romance by Sandra Rains Debusk

* Top Performing Audio Book:
   The Road to Leadville by Jason Morse, narrated by Duke Butler

* Royalties paid to our clients! Some streaming services have not reported for the month, so it will be carried over.
* We have films in 132 countries!!!!! An overall increase of 3 over last month.
* More updates to the ZMP Online Store - ( - We finally got our domain name!
* Sign up for our streaming service for $3.99 a month (

!More Good News!
We launched ZMPVOD - our own Video on Demand website. It has been successful so far, and we thank all of those supporters. More titles will be added soon.
ZMPTV - is coming soon! We will reveal more about this in the near future. 

* New Books Released - There were no new books released for the month.
* New Film Releases - There were 3. Shadow House: 40 Years of Terror, Searching for Sasquatch 7: The Night Stalkers, and My Angel Song

* New Audio Books in Production: Currently have 2 in production. We are finding out that many narrators just are not dependable to complete the jobs. These audiobooks are in limbo at the moment. We hope for better success with narrators in 2023

* New Books, films, and audiobooks are on the way. 2023 is going to ROCK!

* New streaming services that carry or will be carrying our films. We have seen an explosion in growth and are reaching many new platforms:
THRILZ TV - is a new streaming channel specializing in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal reality. It launches soon!

There have been even more streaming services that have picked up our films than listed. We want to thank them all and welcome them to ZMP.

* We are Continuing Marketing Campaigns and encouraging creators to promote their work.
* Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel - Click Here!

* New Books & Films in the process of being released. More good things coming!
** Still looking to Sign, Publish and distribute books and films ..even short films and music videos! Contact us!!

We also offer wholesale pricing to bookstores, gift shops, and retail outlets. There has been some nice growth for ZMP in this section of our business. Anyone wishing to add any or all of our products to your retail shop, feel free to contact us via the contact form.

There are a lot of cool things in the pipe that we just can't talk about stay tuned!
Thanks for the support and please help us make 2023 our best year ever!


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