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Buried Treasures

Two men with a metal detector searching for a treasure...found one. Read More

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Bigfoot The Legend is Real

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

October Fright - Suggestions to make it Great!

October Fright - Suggestions to make it Great!

October is one of our favorite months of the year. The cooler temperature, the changing of the leaves, and all kinds of spooky things to enjoy.

We thought we would put together a small list of must read ZMP books to keep your October spooky.


The Adventures of Pete Johnson and the Ghosts of Scott's Mountain - author Jay Rice delivers some downright spooky tales in this perfect for October book. 

Pete Johnson encounters things that are beyond a normal explanation. Things that are just plain weird.
You are sure to be entertained by stories such as: The Old Staton House, The Johnson Family Cemetery, Peyton's Ghost and many others!
Turn on the lights, sit back, and get ready to take a frightening journey with Pete, his friends, and family.

Available on Amazon - Click Here


Buried Treasures - Late author Sandra Rains DeBusk spins a unique and interesting vampire story. 
Two men with a metal detector searching for a treasure...found one.
Joe and Dom, two roommates, out having fun come across a find they will never forget-------nor will the rest of the world. Joe and Dom have uncovered an unearthly creature... buried for thousands of years, until that fateful day that they decided to hunt for gold.
The gold they found, was nailed to the forehead of the most treacherous of creatures, a creature with fangs, a creature with no soul, a creature with no conscience. (Also available as an Audiobook)
Available on Amazon - Click Here
Haunted Harlan County: Volume 1 - Harlan county Kentucky is a strangely wonderful place.
This comprehensive book highlights monsters, UFOs, cryptids, ghosts, and many other true tales as told by Harlan Countians. Take a journey into the mystery of the mountains. Tony Felosi and Darla Saylor Jackson are a dynamic writing team that has compiled the most extensive and thorough collection of books featuring gripping and terrifying tales that are sure to delight and entertain. The authors are seasoned paranormal investigators and researchers, having worked with national television and documentaries, contributing their knowledge of the history and mystery of Harlan County, Kentucky.
Available on Amazon - Clilck Here


Bigfoot and Steller Jay's Halloween Horror - A great read for the kids or as a night time story. Bigfoot and Steller Jay plan a trip to the city for a night of trick-or-treating. The thought of getting all the yummy candy makes them very happy. But Bigfoot is a little scaref becuase of all the humans in town.But they would have to wait until it was dark before they could go, so they must find something to do until then.  
Available on Amazon - Click Here


Other scary or spooky books to check out are:

Evil (Sandra Rains DeBusk)  - You want to know how many demons are in this world?
My Haunted House and other Weird Tales (T. Marcum) - True tale of living in a haunted house.
The Ghosts Of Portal 31 (Jackson/Felosi) - Peer into a haunted coal mine.
Dark Home (DeBusk) - Evil spirits linger in a mansion.

There are several more ZMP books that are great for an October read. Check them all out and have a spooky month!


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