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The Hembree House

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Searching for Sasquatch Chapter 2

Jason Kenzie goes back into the deep forests of British Columbia in search of the legendary Cryptid creature known as Sasquatch. Read More

Friday, February 11, 2022

Quarantine.Gov by Sandra Rains DeBusk

 Quarantine.Gov by Sandra Rains DeBusk

Now available on Amazon, Quarantine.Gov by Sandra Rains DeBusk. The books is available in ebook, paperback and hardcover editions.

You know how at certain times you could look up to the sky and see a jet, or a plane flying and behind that jet or plane was a trail of white smoky looking stuff and how the thought that it was just from the engine and heat hitting cold? At certain times, a person could even make figures out of the trail of white coming off the jets, angels, and images of Jesus even. Who would have known then what we would find out later in life after we grew from children to working adults, raising kids, and flying those same jets ourselves? Who? Guess if you will. For years people would notice little ash on their sidewalks and just assume someone was burning wood and it was just the ash from the chimneys all around the neighborhood. But as the years went on the ash got thicker and deeper and it became a real nuisance. It became dirty work to clean up after, and the truth is that it became deadly.

Make sure to get this book today!



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