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Searching for Sasquatch Chapter 2

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Loving Bigfoot: A Romance by Sandra Rains DeBusk

 Loving Bigfoot: A Romance by Sandra Rains DeBusk

Available now from Zombie Media Publishing and author Sandra Rains DeBusk.

Grace loved her home long before they bought it. Her home included sixty-five acres of mostly woods, and Grace was so glad to be back in the country and to be back in her grandparents’ home where she had grown up for almost all her childhood. Her husband Mike, a forty-two-year-old truck driver, didn’t care for it but it enabled him to do what he did without worrying about Grace. He also knew that the place had natural spring water piped into the house so… no more water bills. Grace had memories from her childhood in this place. The knocks on her bedroom window late at night. The gifts; small toys, pretty stones, handmade tools; left by something, on the front steps for her whenever she stayed with her grandparents. This place held a lot of good memories for her and even though her marriage was falling apart, getting this place was all she needed, and it made her feel whole again. Not once did she ever know who it was that had left her little gifts as a child, but now, she knows that it was never a who but a what, and that should terrify her but, it doesn’t.

Available on Amazon in eBook, paperback and coming soon in hardcover. Pick up your copy today!


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