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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown Book 2 Released!

  Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown Book 2 Released!

As this year is racing to an end, the wheels of progress keep grinding at Zombie Media. We are please to announce a new book release from author Sandra Rains DeBusk.

This is book two in the "Shutdown Series" and unlike grinding gears, everything has come to a stand still.

Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown Series 2 is the follow up to Spirit Says 2036 Shutdown. The story continues for a small group of people who are living in what many would call a nightmare. After an attack, nothing works power, no cars...nothing! Some people are desperate and will do anything to anybody for food, shelter or anything to fulfill their needs. 

Here is the synopsis:

China created and released a deadly virus on the world.
For a couple of years that is all the media reported on; How many people were dying, how many countries were suffering because of it, and then a vaccine was created to fight it, and so many refused it until the very end, when it was too late to accept it.
One virus after another came trailing through every household; be it a two-story home or a straw shack, the viruses were not prejudice at all.
Then it happened. Our grid shutdown. It was sudden and it was permanent. It was them.
Now, not only do we have to fight the pandemics; We must fight the rogues that crawl out of the woodwork. No one cares to take a life. Law no longer exists. We must look for food, for safety, for water, and for peace. Most ask the question; does God still exist?
I am here to tell you that I do believe He does …we just have not found Him yet. 

It is an exciting drama filled storyline that is sure to please. Both books are available in Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover versions.




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