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The Hembree House

The team attempt to unravel the long history of the house and document paranormal activity taking place on the property Read More

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Bigfoot The Legend is Real

The Crypto Crew team uncover and document evidence of the elusive legend known as Bigfoot. Read More

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A Wish For Giants

Sophie, a young volunteer, meets her kindred spirit in Roxie, a girl with a life threatening medical condition and a unique wish to meet Bigfoot. Read More

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Bigfoot Witness - The Jason Morse Story

While out walking his dog, Jason Morse had a visual sighting of a large bipedal creature in the New Hampshire forest. That day changed his life forever. Read More

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Searching for Sasquatch Chapter 2

Jason Kenzie goes back into the deep forests of British Columbia in search of the legendary Cryptid creature known as Sasquatch. Read More

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Buried Treasures Released!


Buried Treasures Released!

Buried Treasures by Sandra Rains DeBusk is now available in Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover editions!

Buried Treasures follows the tale of two friends, Joe and Dom, who like to use a metal detector to look for valuables. The pair find more than they bargain for when they find a gold cross....nailed to the head of a skull! But see this was no ordinary skull, this skull was the skull of a Vampire! A treacherous creatures, one with fangs, a creature with no soul and no conscience. 

But Joe and Dom learn of this not longer after they remove the skull from the ground and head to the pawn shop.

This is another wonderful tale from Sandra Rains DeBusk. If you like a little fright, greed and vampires, then you will love this book. 



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