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Monday, October 18, 2021

Book Release - Cryptid Creatures The Truth Exposed


Book Release - Cryptid Creatures The Truth Exposed

This post will contain several updates about some of the books published by ZMP.

First we want to inform everyone of  a book by Sandra Rains Debusk entitled
Cryptid Creatures The Truth Exposed! - We go through life, beginning at a young age, being scared by supposed mythical creatures so we'll go to sleep, be good and mind our parents. In the midst of the fear, our parents reassure us that these creatures are not real. And then, we find that every creature that they ever used against us is as real as you and me.

When we first moved here and I saw my first Sasquatch, I was terrified! How could these childhood monsters be real? My mind was frantic to find the answer and to understand why my parents and grandparents lied to me.

Fast-forwarding to present day; These creatures...these beings... have brought me gifts and left them at my doorstep. They have played harmless games with me by hiding my trail cams or simply letting me get a glimpse of them... their faces... before turning the cameras face down. They have allowed me multiple good pictures of them and have allowed me to record them howling and having a blast on full moon nights.

I have grown to love them. The Sasquatch, the Dogman, and the Wildman.If you believe and if your third eye can see, these images and these stories will not scare you. But if your third eye is not yet open, maybe you'll get this book for yourself, to exercise your right to see?
- End Synopsis -  

Cryptid Creatures The Truth Exposed is available in ebook and Paperback from, just click here!
If that was not enough to get you a little excited, here is a little extra information.
Several titles published by Zombie Media Publishing have just received a price reduction! Thats right! Now you can enjoy many of our awesome books at a lower price! And its just in time for some holiday gift it Halloween or Christmas.
Here is a few of the titles that saw a price drop:

The Adventures of Pete Johnson and the Ghosts of Scott's Mountain by Jay Rice 

Understanding Bigfoot: Helpful Information and Answers to Common Questions by Thomas Marcum

The Adventures of Pete Johnson and the Ghosts of Scott's Mountain by Jay Rice

More Book and Movie releases coming soon!



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