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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Book Release- The Road To Leadville

Book Release- The Road To Leadville
The lead flies, and the dust boils under the hooves of thundering horses as author Jason Morse brings us an exciting western saga that you are sure to enjoy. The old west were meanness often ruled the day, and where six shooters blazed! There is just not quite anything like an classic western tale.  
Here is a quick overview of the storyline.
The Mulligans are the meanest family in town. They are known to treat every living thing in town poorly. A rough bunch, if ever you saw one and a family to avoid. But when the Mulligans cross the line, its up to Deputy Robert Compton and Alec Johnston to bring them to justice. But the stakes are high and the risk are greater when a young boy named Toby is kidnapped by the Mulligans. Robert and Alec are on the trail but can they catch the Mulligans before they make it to their hideout in Leadville? Is it already too late to save little Toby?The lead flies in this classic western tale!
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